Moving From Hx48 to Hx49 on October 5, 2022

This table corresponds exactly to Map 8 on page 45 of Earth Ascending.
Map 8, page 45 showing our DNA according to the I Ching which is the basis of binary code.

I’m looking more in-depth at what the tables and math are saying about what we’re going through. First, I Ching Hx48 nucleotide is 010110 in binary computer code. It is PROLINE in 3D. Proline is a sub-stop codon below Yellow Sun Stop Codon in DNA sequencing. Some call it the 21st amino acid and I wrote a section on it in my book “Time is DNA”. Hx49 is 011101 in binary and is the amino acid HISTIDINE. The next time we see Yellow Warrior is HF34 coming up to Yellow 6 Warrior after HF33. The fact that proline precedes the stop codon is significant for Yellow 10 Planetary Sun hitting on October 5, 2022.

As you look at the I Ching Hexagram/trigrams please remember that they are 0’s and 1’s. One straight dash is 1 and the two broken dashes are 0. That’s how we calculated the binary code. It’s actually a DNA nucleotide. I’ve already parsed that all out in my book as well.

The short of it is, when you add up the numbers horizontally and vertically their sum is 260 on every line. It meshes exactly with the Magic Square of 8 in Earth Ascending. 30 degrees south to 30 degrees north on the planet is going to be directly affected. I guess that’s a prediction based on what I see on the tables between them, page 45 and page 99 in Earth Ascending.

In the Mayan Harmonic 0=20 and Proline is 20. 0 is the Stop Codon. Books have been written on ZERO and in the Mayan mathematical system it creates exponential cycles in the vigesimal system, vigesimal meaning 20. So 0=20 is the cornerstone of 13:20 and the 0-19 Code. It causes the reversal, the crossing of the strands, the infinity of our world and our DNA

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