I Updated the Other Pages on This Blog

You might want to check them out. The main page will remain dedicated to the evolution and ascension of our DNA/RNA, the Body Holon, Earth Holon, and Interplanetary Holon as always. I will do my best not to go off on a tangent but post them on another page instead.

Sometimes I want to blog on Non-MSM facts that are always left out of the news that affects DISCLOSURE and our society. You will see things I find on TELEGRAM, Alt-Twitter, George News, and sometimes Fox. Brownstone Institute, Epoch Times, and The Pulse will likely be here too.

There are also Mayan Education pages if you want to understand this blog and the Tzolkin better.

I also still want to blog occasionally on Gender Equity and Relationships as this is a huge issue that has everything to do with our E.T. ancestors and our evolution, mainly from Andromeda. The Andromedan women are the example for us on earth. They are never doormats and are full of love. The most extensive view of a blog post that I ever received on here was on gender equity with men. It has gotten 4,000 views, and I posted it back in 2018, maybe originally in 2016. It gets hits every day because this issue is such a big deal right now. People are very sexually confused, sadly so, because of mainstream media, sex trafficking, secret sex abuse in the home swept under the run, interference by the State, and more. When I see three separate ads for pubic hair while watching a baseball game I know there is some serious dysfunction. Sexual disorientation is definitely the doing of the D.S., religion, and the C&*(). It is also partly our karma from Maldek. Red Serpent is highly about sexuality.

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