Friday-Daily Reading; We’re Headed Into a Mercury Retrograde and Tomorrow is the Full Moon

The Tomsk Russia ScR station has been down for many days. We don’t know what the ScR amplitude power is but it feels like we’re getting hit. NOAA has a version that I posted but I haven’t studied it.

27 Days until October 5, Yellow 10, Planetary Sun when we move on to the FUTURE to present timeline strand of our DNA.

Body Holon

We’re evolving planetary Lysine in our RNA mediated by the asteroid belt, or since the planet is blown up, maybe we are missing it? We don’t make Lysine in our bodies and get it in food, mostly grains. White Wizard and Red Serpent kin’s brains are particularly vulnerable right now due to the changes and not having a planet. My two Maldekian autistics left the planet in 2015 and 16. If you have either of this kin in your destiny oracle check your Lysine levels. app

Body Holon-The Tzolkin and the 13-Moon Calendar

White 10 Planetary Wizard is LYSINE~Red 10 Serpent is SERINE. This is a GAP kin. The 5GForce is White 4 Self-Existing World-Bridger
We pulse on Chakra 2 today, the sacral chakra that processes feelings. This is also the alignment with the Full Moon.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt. Uranus, Jupiter, and Earth are pulsing. The energy feels off-kilter today. Try to stay positive with your good mood items bag of tricks that help you pivot.

  • The Moon enters Pisces early today, at 12:44 AM EDT, and we’re adaptable, compassionate, and wise.
  • The Moon’s opposition to Venus and square to Mars could stir discontent. Relating can be animated and somewhat disruptive, and we could feel torn between our duties and personal time.
  • Today’s Venus-Jupiter quincunx is a minor aspect, but it can stimulate further restlessness and indecision about putting ourselves out there. A strong desire for the pleasures of life is in emphasis, although our eyes can be bigger than our stomachs. Challenges in relationships today are likely due to overblown expectations. Just for now, it can be challenging to find a balance between what we want to do and what we think we should do.
  • Tonight, Mercury stations and turns retrograde. Mercury’s retrograde lasts until October 2nd, beginning in the sign of Libra and ending in Virgo. During this cycle, our thinking turns inward as we review and reassess matters. Mercury retrograde periods can be times of heightened inner awareness–times when meditation, journaling, reworking old plans, and reviewing past work are favored more than usual. Minor breaks in the mechanical aspects of communication and transportation can reconnect us to other, possibly more meaningful, means of connecting. The more difficult times are the periods of the shifts themselves (the days surrounding the stations — today and October 2nd), after which we grow more and more accustomed to the motion. It makes sense to observe and review rather than make critical decisions with today’s shift.

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