YouTube Video on a 3-Card Mayan Oracle Reading

This is simple and short; 7 minutes. I want to add…on the third bridge card, I have 3 patients right now who are Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed, two of them are exact analogs of each other. I have two men I like; one is Blue 4 Eagle~Yellow 4 Seed just like my patient and the other is Yellow 10 Seed~Blue 10 Eagle with 4 Red Earth Hidden Wisdom. There are 3, Yellow 13 Seed~Blue 13 Eagle near me also. So this is a loaded pulse for me.

Tone 4’s flock to me from every tribe, all the time. So I have a lesson or I’m getting information from Self-Existing tone 4’s all around. My husband was Tone 4 White Wizard. Tone 10 Planetary is constant also as well as Taurus Sun. So, pay attention to all of the people who are around you. What are their tribe and tone and what is your pattern? It is synchronicity for what you need to learn or see about yourself.

Also, on the issue of being a Skywalker as an obstacle…MARS. Mars can be a problem for us and on top of that, I’m an Aries. It’s fire all around as an obstacle if I don’t lead with love. I do lead with love but if someone tries to take advantage of me, pushes me, or tries to use or control me I have no problem kicking them out the door or out of my life. I literally can’t put up with any B.S. and as we know, some people are very toxic. That lasts five seconds with me.


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