Queen Elizabeth II Died on Red 9 Skywalker…

And she was born on Red 7 Resonant Skywalker. Total synchronicity in the matrix folks. Notice her Reptilian Guide Power; Red 7 Serpent.

Her BIRTH Gateway
Her DEATH gateway

The 5th Density Guide Power today is Blue 5 Hand. Her birth 5th density Guide Power was Blue 7 Hand. She was born in HF9. Inverse HF is 57. Yellow 7 Star was her Hidden Wisdom. Her Birth I Ching Hx meant Duration/Enduring. She certainly did that.

Princess Diana’s Birth Gateway

To make things further interesting, note that Diana’s antipode or challenge kin is today’s GUIDE POWER. That means Diana’s challenge in life is what guided the Queen in death today. Diana’s children were left with no mother and they were fairly young! Some feelings will need to be explored. Guess who is going to have a universe adjudication soon on who or what actually caused Diana’s death? Can you imagine how much her sons still miss her?

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Tim Rooke/Shutterstock (252296n) Princess Diana Princess Diana visiting New York, America – Dec 1995

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