Document on foreign nation’s nuclear capabilities found by FBI at Mar-a-Lago: report | The Hill

You do realize that President Trump is no longer officially connected to the U.S. government in any capacity yet they are still trying to destroy him, even though supposedly they have all the power. Well, they thought they TOOK it. What a freakin joke.

Do you find that the least bit suspect? You should, because he knows about the E.T. and supports their role on this planet which is to liberate the human race from several nefarious species and the ICC.

Yeah, maybe Trump kept the documents so the E.T. can keep shutting them down before our government decides it could be useful information to use destructively against an enemy or sell that nation more WMD for our own profit.!! Just sayin’. This is a no-brainer.

Humans on Earth are NOT allowed to use nuclear weapons and damage the Cosmic Web for our own nefarious reasons. End of story.

I didn’t make the rule. The only way humans (Maldekians) were allowed to come here after we blew up a planet was if we signed an agreement that we wouldn’t use a nuclear weapon to destroy another planet or get into a nuclear war. For some reason we got away with disrupting the Cosmic Web to end WWII with the atomic bomb. That was the end of it.

It was probably allowed because technically it wasn’t starting a war it was ending one. I’m guessing. Nevertheless most people found the Manhatten Project unethical as well using the bomb on the Japanese. Damn.🤨🙄

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