Tuesday-Daily Reading

It’s a Venus Play Day But Others May Not Feel Like It. There will Be a Window of Reprieve at 5:45PM With the VOID MOON.

Moon is in Capricorn so your best bet is to keep your head down and focus on your work until it’s time to go home. Ignore human drama. The 5gforce is Red 7 Resonant Moon; circling emotions. Keep an eye on that today and don’t expect others to feel the same as you to avoid conflict.

We are holding at 31, 4x normal which isn’t a cakewalk. It’s a naggy level. This could rise if their Solar propaganda occurs. I won’t hold my breath because humans are fairly level and we set the tone.

Body Holon

Blue 7 Resonant Monkey~Yellow 7 Star. The inverse is just diagonal at White 7 Dog. We’re in the very center of the Harmonic about to circle in reverse.

It is SO dynamic at that center point where implicate and explicate order coincide!! From 12 Red Moon and the 5 and 6 next to it down to 2 Yellow Human and the 8 and 9 next to it, the manifesting light body is at its height.

HF33, EMPTY OF ALL 3D is 12Moon, 13Dog, 1Monkey, and 2Human. Literally, very magical in the 13:20 matrix. In the 12:60 Matrix movies, it’s A.I. propaganda by the way. I think Neo’s room number is 33 or 303. That’s an attempted heist of Tzolkonic truth. No can do. Those movies are selling the B.S. Machine world, the technosphere. Typical D.S. Hollywood Mr. Weinstein/Epstein, out to destroy Christ consciousness. I caught it.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by VENUS but pulsing is Saturn, Neptune, and Mercury.

  • The Moon spends most of the day in Capricorn, entering Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT. With the Capricorn Moon, we’re resolved, determined, and goal-oriented. We seek order and structure in our lives. Our careers, reputation, and objectives assume more importance. Situations that require us to keep a cool head work best under this influence since we’re not easily swept away by our feelings.
  • A Venus-Pluto biquintile can point to a comfortably strategic approach to our money and relationships.
  • The Moon’s move into Aquarius near the end of the day is feel-good energy that encourages us to let go of tension. We awaken to possible ways to improve our lives and make progress. The void Moon occurs from 5:44 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a conjunction to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 11:42 PM EDT.

From cafeastrology.com

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