What You Choose to Be Healthy Depends on Your Tribe and Tone

One size does not fit all when it comes to stimulating your light body. If you’ve listened to my podcasts you know by now that mass is not a substance but energy spinning very fast in the cells. Or…if you have a hard time with that, understand that substance is pure energy spinning at a certain speed so that you can see it. It takes a form due to MIND which is one with DNA which is time. Once your energy or mind stops spinning with your own intention you die. That happens when you’ve allowed yourself to accept the doctor’s or family’s intention and programming for you to die which profits many death industries and inheritance schemes. You don’t have to die. There are other ways to leave.

Conceivably, there are 260 basic physical workouts for each tribe and tone and that is amended based on personal preference but that would be another book. I may do that. Let’s start here and designate Unconscious, Conscious, Subconscious, Superconscious (ascended) Mind and apply it to the tones.

  • Destiny or Theme and Analog kin are your Conscious Mind.
  • Guide Power is your Superconscious Mind where you observe synchronicity
  • Antipode is your Unconscious Mind or your dream state
  • Hidden Wisdom is your Subconscious mother-father/family mind. You’ve manifested into duality on purpose and it shows up as the opposite polarity in your inverse harmonic
  • Your 5GForce is your Fifth Density or Ascended Mind. It works in tandem with your Guide Power. This is likely how you will be of service to humanity.

First, you have to have all of that noted down then you can figure out how to make sure your manifested body is in alignment with your light body. If you need me to do a chart for you let me know.

Tones 1, 6, and 11 have the same Tribe and Tone as their Theme or Conscious Mind as their Guide Power or superconscious mind. What does that mean? You are activators of DNA for humans (yourself). You magnetize, make it rhythmic, and blow it apart to get it moving. Many artists and musicians are in these tones. It could be good to incorporate music, drumming, and highly aerobic activity into your workout.

Tones 2, 7, and 12 are 12 tribes forward from their theme for their Guide Power. (see above). You crystalize or conduct ELM energy for humanity. You then send it to the crystal core of the earth to store as memory. You are a great friend to humanity and usually well known. It could be good to do deep meditation, long walk, and yoga breathing/stretching meditation as a workout.

Tones 3, 8, and 13 are 4 theme tribes ahead of their own theme as their guide power. That means they teach humanity how to be more self-existing, more independent, and interdependent by moving, getting off their butts, and not making excuses. The universe has your back if people don’t so…tune in and let it in. This kin tends to be dynamic and can easily overdo just going through their day. It could be beneficial to do deep relaxation, breathing meditation, and simply sit still or channel pure light energy mentally into all their cells. This kin can program their own cells via their mind. These tones cannot do drugs…at all nor do we need them.

Tones 4 and 9 are 4 seals back from their theme for the guide power. That means you teach people to remember their past lives and what they’ve already accomplished to become self-existing. You don’t have to rehash it. It could be beneficial to do an active adventure like hiking or rock-climbing, horseback riding, or hand gliding.

Tones 5 and 10 are 8 seals ahead of their destiny kin for their guide power. That means that in order to be radiant and galactic in your mindset you need to be superpowered in integrity and accomplishment if you want to align your soul and karma. This kin is given gifts of good looks and money to catapult them past their own troubled past. They are obsessed with beauty and manifestation because they need to be. Do not judge them. It’s likely that in past lifetimes they were overly ascetic or introvert. It could be beneficial to do muscle resistance training and mainstream workouts that test the limits of the body. These kin tend to be athletes.

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