Binary Polarity for HF28, Our Current Harmonic

  • M=Methionine-Red Moon
  • D =Aspartic Acid-White Dog
  • N=Asparagine-Blue Monkey
  • E=Glutamic Acid-Yellow Human

Please notice that the current harmonic and its inverse are evolving the same amino acids but with different tones or radiosonic pulses. I have highlighted today and its Hidden Wisdom. Also, HF38’s inverse harmonic is HF28. It’s reciprocal. Your soul lessons are in their harmonic and their soul lessons are in your harmonic. Undoubtedly, if you are paying attention and dialing up people’s birthdays in your app you will know who they are. God, I hope so. Yes, you want to know.

Hx is the I Ching Hexagram pulsing in 3D (astrology also)

If you’ve been listening to my podcast, remember that positive polarity in the cell is spinning faster than negative. It is protons and neutrons. Negative polarity in the cell is spinning slower and is electrons. The electrons make our light bodies visible. Without our electrons or ELM energy, we and all of creation would be invisible. It makes electric tone 3 super interesting.

HF28-Current (+)ATGMetHx415M+6D+7N+8E+
HF38-Inverse (-)TACTyrHx316M-7D-8N9E-

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