Stay away from negative people: They have a problem for every solution

Did you read that a second time? No matter how many solutions you offer, and they even pay you as a therapist, they stay in their negative mindset and fight you on the solutions. These kin are in shadow and are learning their lessons in shadow. LET THEM. Stay away from them. Stop trying to convince or save them and DON’T JUDGE THEM or you will karmically tie yourself to them. Detach.

The worst part is they know how to vampire energy from light workers and can become as powerful as us for the dark if we care. If you give them any loving emotion they will squander it and use it against you. This is dark magic folks.

Telltale signs; chronic addiction, poor health, suicidal, intelligent, manipulative, always find people willing to help them because they are so manipulative, atheist or worse, believe in God and resent him fully, victims, blame everyone else for everything, are chronically jealous while saying they admire you.

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Stay away from negative people: They have a problem for every solution

Negativity does not have many positives to it. Sometimes negativity can be associated with skepticism which can be good to ensure a mote robust group decision-making process. However, let’s distinguish between negativity and negative people. Negativity can either be a temporary or a long held state. Yet, negative people are forever in that state and hardly ever […]

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