Saturday-Podcast on Nuclear Reactions in Stars and Their Variety

Just as there is an endless variety of human bodies and animal bodies in nature, so there are an endless variety of stars in the universe. Some astronomers believe stars are sentient. That’s pretty interesting. Idk.

As a bodyworker, I have my hands on all kinds of muscles and a person’s muscle make-up is as unique as their personality. While it’s true you can do muscle-strengthening, you can only strengthen what you’ve got. If you’re super thin, you’ll stay super thin with bigger muscles. If you don’t have it already you won’t have more. If you’ve got a lot of muscle, more than you want, it’s not easy to get rid of, and likely you cannot. You might gain too much weight because muscle weighs more than fat so be careful. We need to accept our bodies and what we have to work with and ignore the media portrayal of what is beautiful and what is not. Be creative with your body and most of all have fun and keep moving.

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