The View From my Red Couch

Of course I have a red couch; I’m Red Skywalker and an Aries. 🎈🧧💃

Friday night 7:00pm eastern standard time.

I think we’re exhausted from the ScR. It was very high today, 59 power.

I’m thinking about filling the void, the vacuum, I’m looking forward and seeing with this collapse of everything, no more two party system, the way our governments run, The Reptilian control, the Deep State Control, body control, the MSM media control is going to be gone. There’s going to be a vacuum, a hole that we all need to fill as a collective Humanity with what we want our species to be. What do we want for our children. what do we desire for art and beauty, what kind of food do we want, what kind of body care-Health Care do we want. It’s time for us to start to dream up, plan, organize and see what world we want. Let’s not continue to obsess on this world we know we don’t want from which we are sick. It is time to focus on what we DO want, not on what we don’t want. Remember what Corey said. We’re going to win.

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