Biden’s Birth Gateway; My God it’s All Here

I didn’t get a chance to post this yesterday. It’s Biden’s birthday gateway and very telling.

Mars! Polarizing Tone 2 in shadow, Victim trauma from Maldek, projection and reflection in that guide power White Mirror, a desire to use intellectualism to fight as the antipode, and subconscious teaching from your childhood that you have the COMMUNAL VISION that is above everyone. This is what the Nazis created on the Mars Colony. Hail Hitler!

Tone 2 can also be stabilizing and compromising in light. The World Bridger kin helped humans bridge worlds from Tiamat to Earth with the Skywalkers leading. 🌎 Obama is 4 Skywalker. So is Clinton. So was McCain. The 4 Skywalkers split ranks.

I’m telling you, there were a group of Skywalker loyal to the Maldekian priests, the White Wizards, the Jaguar priests and another group that was loyal to the Reptilian WARRIORS. Red Serpent and White Wizard are ANALOG!! They understand each other and it played out in my home.

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