I Want You To See the Polarity of the Harmonic We Currently Reside in; HF27

Chemical Polarity

I Ching Hx55-CAT nucleotide-His; This is our inverse hexagram.

HF39 (-), 10Q (Glutamine)(-), 11K (Lysine)(-), 12R(Arginine)(-),13H(Histidine (+)


HF27)+), 1S (Serine) (-), 2T (Threonine) (+), 3I (Isoleucine)(+), 4Leucine (+)

I Ching Hx59-GTA nucleotide-Valine. This is our CURRENT Harmonic

I highlighted the amino acids spinning for Trump and Biden, their theme, and their inverse. Trump’s inverse, 11Lysine which is 11 Wizard is an attack on the priest class on Maldek and the difference of opinion on how things should go. Biden’s inverse being 12 Eagle means he was at the mercy of the majority opinion on Jupiter, the Time Thieves that currently hold our institutions.

Biden is ruled by Mars in his theme so he is aggression based. Trump is ruled by Earth so he is Peace based. That’s a fact. MSM is not showing any truth. However, their polarities match so that is why they are existing right next to each other in the Tzolkin and moving through this karma right next to each other. As I said though, your hidden wisdom is the opposite polarity of your theme to challenge you to achieve harmony.

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