Wednesday-Daily Reading; Red 1 Magnetic Serpent Starting a Run of GAP Kin

We enter HF27 today; The Blue Western Castle of Burning. Castle just means a new 52-day cycle. It’s the Court of Magic (in this case Babylonian money magic~Reptilian)~Transform the Star. Red Serpent Wavespell nine is the Power of Life Force. HF 27 is a Self-Existing Store; Remember the ELEGANCE OF FORM. Indeed, the galaxy wants us to remember OUR BODIES as we learn our soul lessons and release karma. The next 4 days take us to Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star (Venus) Beautify yourself through all the ugly, vulgar media. This is I Ching59; Dispersion and Dissolution

It’s coming soon. The next few hours are on the right.
Red 1 Magnetic Serpent~White 1 Magnetic Wizard.
At the End of this 13-day cycle, we will have cosmic synchronicity, Red 13 Cosmic Earth, and big truth by September 13th with regard to Maldek karma; the government

Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle is the 5GForce today which was the ANALOG yesterday for Yellow 13 Seed!!! ~Jupiter. Yellow 13 Cosmic Warrior is the Hidden Wisdom in HF39~Saturn

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the asteroid belt and Maldekian karma today and to some extent until September 13. Also pulsing are Jupiter and Saturn. That figures!

  • With a quincunx between Venus and Neptune today, we might want to see things realistically on the one hand and prefer to nurture a fantasy or look the other way on the other. Under this influence, there can be insecurity or doubts about others or our own feelings and perceptions. Later today, our timing is sharper, and confidence builds. There is a good balance between learning from tradition and seeing things progressively. Our thinking regarding work or long-term projects is robust.
  • We head towards a Mars-Jupiter sextile, exactly tomorrow morning, that’s opportunistic, energetic, and optimistic.
  • We also move from a Libra Moon, active until 1:12 PM EDT, and very gracious and perhaps indecisive, to a Scorpio Moon–a determined, passionate influence. (Very synchronistic with Red Serpent)
  • The void Moon occurs from 6:44 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a square to Pluto), until the Moon enters Scorpio at 1:12 PM EDT.


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