Tuesday-Daily Reading; Highly Focused Flowering

The Body Holon

ScR is holding at 54 amplitude.

Yellow 13 Cosmic Seed~Blue 13 Cosmic Eagle. The 5GForce is Yellow 1 Magnetic Warrior mediated by 5th density Saturn

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter today with Yellow Seed-Blue Eagle. Also pulsing is Venus, the asteroid belt karma, and Uranus. The Sun is still in Virgo. Libra is ruled by Venus. High synchronicity today between 4D and 5D. Saturn is pulsing in the 5GForce.

  • The Sun forms a quincunx with Jupiter this morning, and we can feel torn between two ideas or drives, perhaps see-sawing between alternatives. It can be difficult to arrive at satisfying conclusions. It’s a time of adjustments and possibly of letting go of old habits so that we can free ourselves up for different experiences.
  • The Moon spends the day in Libra, and we aim to find the middle ground, compromise, and make peace. We should find it easier to moderate ourselves and adopt a balanced approach as the day advances and the Libra Moon forms a trine to Saturn–a steadying and clear-headed transit.

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