Monday-Daily Reading; Universalizing Intuition

Everyone has a pineal gland in their midbrain. It’s a Stargate. Anyone can remote view and use their intuition. It’s not a gift. What is a gift is using it in love and service, not ego, deluding yourself that you’re special. We’re all spiritual. Some of us just have more experience than others because we’ve been doing it since we got to the planet. I’ve learned that when someone wants to put you on a pedestal and keep you at arm’s length it’s an offload diss because they don’t want to do the work of seeing themselves as empowered and do the work to be good as you have nor deal with society treating you differently. Watch your back with adoring people.

Earth Holon

Amplitude power is 54.
There is the amplitude peak at 5pm today, Russia time, which was this morning at 6am EST. It plummeted an hour later.

Body Holon

Blue 12 Crystal Night~Yellow 12 Crystal Warrior. We are pulsing in the N.Polar Zone. The 5GForce is Red 2 Polar Earth mediated by Uranus

I have a prediction to make; look at the vertical line we’re in and go down to White 2 World-Bridger which is followed by Blue 3 Hand. They are both GAP kin which heightens their pulse. This is Biden and Trump. I predict, with the crossover phase we’re in, something major is going to shake loose between them. Honestly, I don’t think either of them will be President in 2024. Also note that their 13-day cycle, starting with Red 1 Magnetic Serpent is Reptilian. Our government is all about Reptilian and Maldek karma; Luciferian

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn today. Also pulsing are Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune

  • The Moon finishes its transit of Virgo at 5:46 AM EDT when it moves into Libra. The Libra Moon is gracious, balanced, and fair. (not always)
  • Still, the Moon opposes, and Venus forms a sesquiquadrate with Jupiter today, and there’s some tendency to go overboard, particularly with pleasure, feelings, and affections. It’s “borrow from the future” energy, and we should be careful not to commit to something for which we don’t yet have the resources. We seek a little more from our pleasures, money, or relationships. Ideally, restlessness stirred now encourages us to improve our situation but otherwise might lead to over-indulgence, immoderation, or exaggeration. High expectations can leave us vulnerable to ups and downs. It can be tempting to overreach if we’re not in touch with our feelings or are discontented. It’s best to manage impulsiveness and hastiness.


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