Monday-Podcast on the Nature of the Atoms in our Bodies

# 1, their masks are not preventing anything from being in contact with your body. #2, the issue is rarely ever THE JOINT. The correctable problem is the connective tissue to the joint; muscle, tendon, and ligament filled with blood that controls the bone. But they won’t touch you nor do they know how.; even an area the size of a quarter which is my treatment area size. I cure people. They CUT them.

The tech they use to splice DNA and play with it is CRISPR. I had a patient, Red 13 Cosmic Dragon, who had a fiance who was a geneticist who used to be in the military and used CRISPR. I gave her a copy of my book, “Time is DNA” to show him and I never heard from her again. LOL. This happens all the time in my office. My information is a threat the Newtonian Materialism and people’s careers that are built around horse and buggy information. So be it.

PSA; Your M.D. doesn’t know this. They aren’t taught any physics in med school even though physics’ root word is PHYSICAL. God forbid they would understand the movement of energy in the body. They need to get with the program or go out the back door.

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