Sunday-Podcast. Mass is Nothing But a Form of Energy

Yellow 13 Cosmic Sun~ Blue 13 Cosmic Storm analog, Sun in Pisces.
I endure in order to enlighten. Transcending life, I seal the matrix of universal fire with the cosmic tone of presence. I am guided by the power of flowering. I am a GAP kin

I know none of you are bored by Einstein. Energy = mass x the speed of light squared. So, any consciousness, energy, or ability to think and move that WE have in our body is mass, just a form of energy that is LIGHT moving at 299, 792, 458 miles per / second squared. That is 299 million, 792 thousand, 459 x 2 which is 90,000,000,000 (km/sec)2. That is how fast our molecules are spinning with intention and DNA so that we APPEAR solid. Of course, the powers that be don’t want you to know that!

We are NOT in fact solid or sitting still. We are pure mental energy, spinning light. We ARE a Light Body that appears solid. We can’t exactly put our hand straight through another person because of the intensity of our own field. My Reiki goes through people though so it is spinning faster. They can feel it.–Mass-is-nothing-but-a-Form-of-Energy-e1n2m9q

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