Trump: Affidavit shows FBI, DOJ ‘public relations subterfuge’ | The Hill

Trump: Affidavit shows FBI, DOJ ‘public relations subterfuge’

This is c+×÷= monkey business and directly related to what is happening at the LOC IMO.

Who thinks it’s related to the fact that the friendly E.T. have had the permission from the GGLN to shut down c^&*( nukes for five years now so they can’t disrupt the Cosmic Web.

Notice in this article that they talk about “nuclear”. There is far more to it than this and Trump has the goods, not for himself!! but to protect military who are friendly to the E.T. shutting it down. Trump is protecting military from all kinds of retaliation for all kinds of things kept secret.

And since I’m on the subject, remember JFK was going to spill the beans to the American people about what goes on at the LOC and he was assassinated for it to shut him up, by the CIA and FBI. This is a long story. I came to the planet in 1963, 60 years now. What will be next?

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