Massive SBA, Sphere Being Alliance Update from Corey Goode

SSP Update: The ORION GROUP and their Allies Attack the Lunar Operations Command

From Lisa;

The LOC is our moon. A stones’ throw from earth 🌎 More proof imo that we are at the end of the road with the Luciferian c!@>[. OCTOBER 5th according to galactic timing. I was just doing my chores today saying “I am SO sick of the BS energy on Earth.” The ICC is not a friendly group to Earth and obviously, neither is the Orion Group. As far as I know, the GGLN IS friendly for Earth. I thought the LOC was a neutral zone, like the U.N. on earth so this is unprecedented. It is no longer and it is two steps away from us. Talk about a NEW MOON!

Sunday, 8/28/2022

My intuition tells me next up will be the disintegration of Earth’s rogue ICC complicit governments and organizations. The Watchers, Arcturians, Andromedan, and all helpful ET ancestors best be on alert, and our human intentions set for A BETTER LIFE ON THIS PLANET FREE OF THE ICC. Guard your mind and heart folks.

This is tomorrow. We’ll see what it brings or what we create as far as negotiations or communications. Something will be liberated. I hope it’s the LOC in our favor but I don’t see it right now.

From Corey;

Wow, I just received another incredible update. I was going to record the video for the Zulu Update in the next day or so but am pivoting to drop some of this new info first. I wanted to provide a written summary prior to shooting a video on this topic.

As everyone who has followed my information knows – The LOC is actually 3 different bases that are designated LOC-Alpha, LOC-Bravo (aka Beta), and LOC-Charley. Alpha Base is where all of the meetings take place, where the spaceport is, and where all space traffic is tracked and managed. Bravo and Charley Bases are below the Lunar surface and have their own purposes. These parts of the LOC are even more highly classified than LOC-Alpha due to the nature of their operations.

A few years ago I was given an extensive tour of the interior of the moon after visiting LOC-Bravo and Charley for the first time. I released an extensive report on that tour and what I was told and witnessed can be found on my YouTube Channel or website.

LOC-Bravo and Charley were initially built in the 1950s by the NAZI regime that had built the original LOC Base Complex. In the process of building LOC-Alpha, they began to explore the vast Lava Tubes – Created by the meteor impacts that melted the Lunar Surface upon impact – that were found honeycombing the Moon. In their explorations, they discovered highly advanced doors and hatches that once opened led down to the interior of the Moon. After gaining access the German scientists found a mega-space base filled with extremely high technology that appeared to have been catastrophically destroyed long ago. There were bodies of the ET Group we refer to as the “Pre-Adamite” species who had a civilization on Mars and the Super Earth planet it orbited – until the Pre-Adamites misused these technologies nearly destroying our entire solar system in the process.

The German scientists contacted their allies within the Orion Group and were told to stay out of the interior of the Moon for their own safety and were coerced into signing a Moon Treaty that had strict provisions on where Humans could travel on or within the Moon. The Germans obeyed their Allies’ wishes but only after doing their own extensive expedition into the interior of the base where they were able to find bits of technology that had survived the Solar Micro-Nova that had caused extensive and catastrophic damage to this incredibly advanced mega-space-station that we call the Moon.

If you would like more details on the Pre-Adamites and how they used the Moon as a giant Arc to ferry survivors from their dying planet – Mars – to Earth before its orbit was tidally locked with our planet please watch the following update;
SSP Alliance Update: The Awakening of the Old gods in Antarctica – Atlantis –

In the decades that followed, the Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) – A Super Corporation that exists outside the purview of government oversight – took over most of the Nazi Space Assets in agreements that were made and the Dark Fleet was officially formed in secret, and given immunities that no other program has ever been granted. The ICC – now allies with the Orion Group – then built out the vast SSP infrastructure within our solar system and dozens of others under several secret space programs.

Later, The ICC signed further Moon Treaties where they were given a set of very complex engineering plans and access to part of the ancient moon base where they removed hundreds of thousands of desiccated Pre-Adamite bodies. Once they had removed the bodies and cataloged the bases technologies and created maps of this incredibly enormous base complex. The ICC then created mining operations and manufacturing plants on the Moon, the Asteroid Belt, and Mars to acquire the exotic and rare minerals that they then engineered into complex technologies that they brought to the Moon in order to complete the repairs the Orion Group had ordered them to make.

Fast forward a few decades to the present (August 25th, 2022) – Once the ICC had informed the Orion Group that they had completed 90% of the repairs and renovations from their Engineering Plans the unthinkable happened – The Orion Group violently broke the Moon Treaties and invaded the area of the Ancient Moon Base killing thousands of ICC scientists, workers, and military personnel in a matter of moments. The ICC leadership and operatives who were monitoring the attack from the LOC-Alpha base complex sent reinforcements to the LOC-Charley and Bravo and began evacuating the bases of all nonessential personnel.

I was shown security videos from the incident where we see tall Grey Aliens, Reptilians, and Tall Human looking Nordics (The Andromeda Syndicate aka Galactic Federation of Worlds) appearing out of nowhere and opening fire with what looked like long magic wands and flashlight-looking weapons. I was told these weapons had the technology and ability to destroy organic material and stop the neurological system of the body of a target from processing signals – switching them off like a lightbulb – killing them instantly without damaging anything else in the attack zone.

In the video, you see the shocked ICC personnel reacting to the sudden appearance of the invading ETs just as bright flashes began to occur with people either falling to the ground or running frantically towards exits. The Orion Group attackers however had appeared in strategic places within the base complex making escape impossible. We watched as thousands of ICC personnel were killed with these exotic weapons with no way to defend themselves. The ICC military fired their weapons at the invaders but was only able to influence a hand full of casualties in their enemy before being completely overtaken by the exotic weaponry being used against them.

We then saw the Tall Nordics and small grey bio-androids walk around the facility melting the bodies of the ICC personnel with their Flashlight-looking weapons. They stood over the bodies and shined a beam on them reducing them to a liquid that solidified on the floor appearing similar to a pothole on a road that has been repaired with asphalt.

Once the Orion Group had cleared the human bodies from the facility they immediately sent in bio-droids and Tall Grey Scientists to finish the repairs that the ICC had nearly completed. We also witnessed the Tall Nordic (Galactic Federation of Worlds) building a factory of some sort. After consulting with the Global Galactic League of Nations scientists on their flagship – The Wandering Star – it was learned that these were factories for Brain Chips, Nanites, and genetic manipulation technologies that had been used against dozens of GGLN Colonies and Bases in the outer rim of our Galaxy. For more information on the GGLN, their declaration of independence from the ICC, and the Galactic Federation of Worlds that nearly enslaved them – watch this video update from my YouTube Channel;

SSP Alliance Update: GGLN Declaration of Independence from ICC, Rogue ET Federation & Orion Group –

It was at this point that the Orion Group discovered our hidden cameras and shut them down. Shortly after, the LOC-Bravo and Charley were similarly invaded and the LOC-Alpha and ICC lost all contact with them and 2 other bases on the moon controlled by the ICC. The LOC-Alpha is locked down with essential personnel only. To throw further chaos into the mix – 1/3rd of the ICC leadership was assassinated by the Orion Group by using the Brain Implants that the ICC is so proud of against them giving all of them fatal aneurysms. This is on top of a similar number of the ICC leadership disappearing without a trace about a year earlier. It is believed that the 1/3rd of the ICC Leadership remaining are Orion Group ETs incarnated as Humans as a part of their strategy to take over the ICC and our planet.

The Orion Group seems to be taking desperate measures to secure our solar system and prepare for the war against the GGLN and our Allies within our local stellar neighborhood. The Orion Group and their Allies are trapped in our solar system and are digging in for the big battle to come. As of the evening of the 26th of August, 2022 that is the status of the situation on the Moon. We also learned that when the GGLN Flagship – the Wandering Star – had attacked and liberated a colony and production facility on Mars – that was about to be implanted with brain chips – a few other Mars Colonies had risen up and declared independence from the ICC only to be invaded by the ICC’s genetically modified and enhanced super soldiers who violently crushed the rebellions. The Colonies have been locked down even more than they were prior now having garrisons of super soldiers stationed with them and fortifying the colonies as if they are anticipating them being attacked. The ICC is horrified that the recent attack by the GGLNs Wandering Star was a dry run for invading and liberating the rest of the Mars Colonies – An assumption they are correct in making.

Stand by for my video report on the ZULU ETs from our Local Stellar Neighborhood. This report was so urgent it needed to take precedence. I will be releasing the video versions of these reports soon though more of these urgent updates are sure to pop up in the meantime.

More to come – SOON!
Corey Goode

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