Friday-40 days until the Future Timeline Turns into the Present Timeline

On Red 4 Dragon, in the 7th Mystic Column, events should start to get interesting. It is Septem0ber 16, 2020

Yellow 9 Solar Sun~Blue 9 Solar Storm. We pulse in order to enlighten with our LIGHT BODIES today.

The 5GForce is Yellow 5 Radiant Sun in Occult Partnership with the Theme so that makes a direct connection between 3 and 5D today.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Pluto today. Saturn Mercury and Neptune are pulsing to 5th density.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Leo until 8:25 PM EDT when it enters practical, hard-working Virgo.
  • Tomorrow morning, a New Moon will occur in the sign of Virgo, leaving today’s Moon Balsamic, and it’s better to wind down than wind ourselves up. While reflection is helpful before a New Moon, we’re heading toward two tension-producing transits.
  • For one, Venus is almost square to Uranus, presenting a potential challenge or struggle. Values and tastes may clash, and social activities could suffer. We can feel torn between wanting closeness and freedom. Impulsive attractions to people or material goods can lead us astray. Some instability, restlessness, and rebelliousness are possible themes in our relationships. It may be best to hold off on decision-making regarding finances, as there is a tendency to act on a whim rather than reason. We might feel some discontent with our current pleasures or pastimes, and a change may be satisfying at this time. It’s probably best to tame restlessness or avoid abrupt moves but consider our needs for growth and a change of pace.
  • For another, a Sun-Mars transit very early tomorrow influences today.
  • We may have difficulty settling down, entertaining an intense urge to take action and make things happen, but we may not know how to direct this excess energy. We feel the need for more challenges, enterprise, and initiative. Reactions tend to be defensive or competitive now, and we can be averse to negotiation or compromise. However, energy output can run high if we focus and exercise patience.
  • The void Moon occurs from 2:55 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Saturn), until the Moon enters Virgo at 8:25 PM EDT.

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