Tuesday-Daily Reading; We Get Organized in Order to Evolve

We begin a new HF25 today; Solar Matrix. Self-Regulate the universal fire of intention leading us to Yellow 9 Solar Sun by Friday. So, over the next 4 days, be sure and ponder what you really want and intend for the fall that is true for you internally and then make a decision to commit to it thereby realizing your destiny. Don’t compromise with your truth or you’ll create karma for yourself. No one is going to judge you if you do and you will still learn but it will cause suffering. That’s no fun.

ScR-Calm, Because We Are

Power in the magnetosphere is 17

The Evolving Light Body is the Tzolkin

The Tzolkin is a 13:20 Time Harmonic or calendar that illuminates the evolution of our DNA over epic cycles. It’s the accurate alternative to the 12:60 Gregorian Catholic calendar of uneven days and months named after Romans who killed J.C.

Christ consciousness is Cosmic for every species in the entire local inhabited universe not just for humans on earth. And humans have a very special role to play in evolving that consciousness forward with our galactic neighbors. Earth religions have distracted people from themselves, their light body, their health in Wholeness, nature, and the joy of life. They’ve tried to steal our time which is our body. And God knows, they’ve done their damndest to ruin the joy of sex which is the worst.

We land on Red 6 Rhythmic Earth whose analog is White 6 Wind. The Inv. HF with the Hidden Wisdom, Yellow 8 Galactic Seed is in HF41 (Hx37; The Family/Clan). The 5GForce is Blue 8 Galactic Night.
As we enter Sun in Virgo today ♍️ we begin the Scorpion Moon. Scorpio is the water sign in this quadrant of Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio. Relevant? This pulses on the 7th crown chakra.

Interplanetary Sol Ring Evolving

We are mediated by Uranus three times and pulse with Earth and Jupiter. Age of Aquarius kin needs to make some decisions (the kids). The Sun is in “nose to the grindstone” VIRGO. Take care of the earth’s details and face the nitty gritty.

  • The Moon spends the day in nourishing, receptive Cancer. We crave familiarity, safety, and quiet with the Cancer Moon. We can be quite nostalgic, rooted, and domestic.
  • This morning’s Mercury-Saturn biquintile inclines us to sort, categorize, and create order.
  • However, a Sun-Chiron minor square tonight is not as confident. We may doubt our inner guide and face situations that seem to test our vulnerabilities.

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