Monday-New Podcast on Applying the 52 GAP Kin to points on the Body

The points are the 52 Jin Shin Jyutsu points. But how do the GAP kin overlay on them?

I’m thinking out loud on this one, parsing, and reading. I will have to analyze the situation given what I know from my 23 years of being a holistic doctor and Reiki Master. I will also consult my acupuncturist. Of course, I am completely trained in anatomy, all of the organs, muscles, nerves, ligaments, etc., and then with the Reiki Master training, all of the chakras, the energy flow of the body, and more. What is for sure is that I am busy in my office, people get well and tell others word of mouth and it continues. I am a cash practice. No way, no how will sickcare white coats let me into their circus nor do I want to be. The things I see done to my patient’s bodies would make your hair curl.

There is no designation of right or left, front or back though for the FINGERS.

Thumb compression is used for points 1, 9, 16, 19, and 21 on the body, maybe both thumbs. In the Mayan system that is the Yellow Sun Right Thumb and the White Dog left thumb. Read the attributes next to the word “thumb” on the chart. They are the same as the attributes for Yellow Sun/White Dog. Interesting.

Let’s look at today. The middle finger of the right hand is White Wind pulsing down to Red Earth. Remember your analog is ONE with you so Red Earth~White Wind is ONE. The middle finger on the left hand is Yellow Human. If you read the attributes of the word “Middle” on the chart they are in line with White Wind and Yellow Human.

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