Saturday-Daily Reading; Timelessness is Sealed With Service

The Earth Holon Evolving

Please look at my post yesterday on my Merkaba solar vision. I updated it and as I found a more accurate image through the website, I saw the portrayal of our sun as mother and father. It calmed me down given the awful Big Think media I just posted regarding their view of the Sun. I will post a podcast soon.

We activate with the electric tone of service bonding receptivity. Just because everything is changing doesn’t mean we’re going to die. Chill folks.

The power is 62 and it’s up 36% since 7:30am. This is 8X normal so our bodies are getting blasted with ELM energy. It’s called evolution, not death.

The Body Holon Evolving

We land on White 3 Electric Wizard or 3Lysine. Blue 11 Spectral Hand is in the inverse Harmonic in the 7th line from the top, pulling on the opposite strand to make it spiral

The 5GForce is White 11 Spectral World-Bridger; Dissolving change.

We land on Chakra 5 today, coming to the end of the Moon at about the same time as the Sun enters Virgo. My chakra 5 is on fire today communicating what I think

Interplanetary Holon Evolving

Pulsing on our evolving tRNA are the asteroid belt, Neptune, Jupiter, and Earth.

We are mediated by the asteroid belt and its karma today. Let’s just say it the way it is. Maldek is our Luciferian karma.

  • Mars enters Gemini today, where it will transit for much longer than usual–for over seven months compared to the typical two months. The lengthiness of this transit is due to the upcoming retrograde Mars cycle (Mars will be retrograde from October 30, 2022, to January 12, 2023). Mars in Gemini is versatile and flexible but not especially determined or focused. We should watch for becoming so scattered that we’re ineffective and making hasty or nervous decisions. However, it’s an excellent period for diversifying our interests and understanding the power of our communications. We’re strategizing and devising useful tactics to achieve our desires and goals. We’re resourceful and clever and know how to use words effectively. Perhaps most notable during this period is our tactical skills. We know how to maneuver things to get our way. We use words to charm and express anger. When passionate about a topic, we’re very talkative and animated.
  • The Moon spends the day in Gemini, and we crave mental stimulation or a variety of interests and things to do or learn. We’re exceptionally responsive, sensitive to what’s happening around us, and more adaptable than usual.
  • While we crave mental engagement and clarity, as the day advances, the Mercury-Neptune opposition early tomorrow comes into influence, and we might see others in an unrealistic light. Discrepancies can emerge that challenge our thinking, and concentrating on technical facts can be difficult. We could find ourselves on a mental teeter-totter, see-sawing between fact and fiction. If our minds are wandering, it may be that we’ve recently neglected to feed our imaginations. With this transit, we should watch for misrepresenting ourselves, overlooking critical practical details, and self-defeating thoughts. However, this can be a good time for stretching our thinking to dream up possibilities we might miss on a regular day.


This blog post took me an hour to write.

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