Solar Code Merkaba I Saw This Morning at 7:30

I had a weird, busy day. First up was a 2-minute solar meditation that grabbed me and spoke to me, giving gratitude for the work I’m doing on this difficult planet with oppressed humans who I have come to have compassion for and promising to fulfill my request for a whole, small, pain-free body. It is slowly happening. My blood sugar was only 88 this morning and I’m eating so well it’s disgusting.

But my patients are increasing and needier. Also younger. The Millenials are spiritually and physically in the grinder because of the society that my generation, born in 1963, has left for them. I didn’t become a corporate shill but many of my classmates did.

These kids are different and shall I say humanoid. Their kids, even more. I’m helping them adjust to earth but they came here awake and impatient for things to open up. Anyway, something is really shifting and I will have to see what my writing schedule will be. I spend at least two hours a day blogging so I will add a donation button to my site.

The one I saw was similar but more rectangular. The geometry around was shooting in all directions.
It was more rectangular like this but lines burst out from all sides. We are on crystal earth. Please note that the sun is both female and male and is our parent.

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