Thursday-New Podcast on the Auroras

I personally can’t pull myself into apocalyptic thinking in 3D as the men are; Ben, Corey, and Jose. I SEE that our society, in the last two years has had a MIND cataclysm. Yes? Good Grief. Who knew how lockstep most humans were with media? If the TV tells them something they think it’s the truth and if the TV tells them to do it, they do it without question. Good God. It was shocking to me and a few of my friends. Not once did I obey. Here we are two years into realizing how obedient and programmed most humans are. But now they are doing a very good job of saying, “Hey wait a minute! No.” I’m very pleased. But they had to think about it.

It has taken many unnecessary deaths for humans to see the abysmal, unethical failure of mainstream science and sick care in the face of an artificial virus. Now, how metaphorical is that with the artificial TIME VIRUS of 12:60. Everyone accepts the clocks on the wall and the Church Gregorian Calendar as well which completely throws our bodies and minds out of alignment. We are now in 13:20 galactic synchronizations with our E.T. ancestors and friends in an inhabited universe. Let us commence with a better world, please.

Jose foresaw a circumpolar rainbow bridge and the end of an age in 2012, manifesting in 3D. It didn’t happen that way. It’s been more gradual. It’s been spiritual and mental. There HAVE been major changes since 2012 so he wasn’t totally wrong but the men have fantasies dominating their minds on so many levels. But, women know that. Ben sees us being shot back into the Stone Age by our magnificent, but apparently dangerous sun in his view, and his thousands of followers agree. Corey agrees with Ben apparently, not me. Jose left the planet before 2012 and didn’t actually finish illuminating the manifestation aspect of his phenomenal vision, which I respect.

I’ll stand alone in wishing good things and empowerment for all humanity and seeing it unfolding that way. I hope you do as well.

Stockholm, Sweden.
The Auroras are caused by the ELM energy created by the Tzolkin Harmonic working in tandem with Galactic Center and our Sun. They are precipitated by the Evolution of all DNA in the local system, in other words, us and all DNA sentient life; humans, animals, and planets in a Collective Mind Field creating the Psi Bank–Pole-e1mln5d

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