Wednesday-Daily Reading; We Endure in the Body to Transcend ILLUSION, to Play

We’re at the end of the Blue Storm 13-day cycle just to see nothing is too serious. We come into the body TO LEARN, to experience something different, to share our gifts in love and service but we also can receive much from others in affinity if we wish.

Let go of heavy energy, forgive yourself and others and realize that it’s all monkey business, especially money 💰. You can’t take it with you when you leave here. All you can take with you is experience and all you really have is time. (Your body)

Earth Changes

Frequency Power is 27 at 8am est
Blue 13 Cosmic Monkey pulses to the left lower abdomen and Tone 13 pulses to the left ankle, all Chakra 1

The 5GForce is Red 1 Moon pulsing with the Hidden Wisdom White 1 Dog, analogs to each other and mediated by Mercury. Keep your communication loving and DIRECT today. Pull back the curtain on the Monkey business as in the Wizard of Oz, especially with regard to sex and someone using it to define a relationship. It does not define relationships. Your soul intentions and behavior do.

Chakra 1, grounding, connection the earth pulsing with Blue 14 Cosmic Monkey

Interplanetary Holon-Our Sol Ring

We are mediated by Venus but Jupiter is guiding. Neptune as Red 13 Cosmic Dragon is the antipode challenge. Yikes. It is in exact synchronicity with the 3D astrology pulse. See below.

  • The Sun forms a quincunx to Neptune, and we could feel that others are draining our energy, especially if it’s unclear what they want from us. We may feel slightly off or out of sorts, and there can be difficulties concentrating or figuring out our next step. These things are more likely if we’ve neglected our spiritual needs, and it makes sense to slow down and adjust. Incorporating and recognizing the need for more imagination in our lives seems necessary now. ( This hits all afternoon in 5th density)
  • Later today, with Venus heading into a trine to Jupiter, energy flows more smoothly. (That is our theme, support, and guide this morning actually in 5th density)
  • The Moon spends the day in down-to-earth Taurus, and a gentle approach makes the most sense today.


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