Post Note to Corey’s Update Yesterday From Corey

The Starseeds being removed is not a mass event where all star seeds are removed. Some stay through the solar event and keep incarnating here. There are certain groups that are coming to Earth to remove their operatives.

There are HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of Star Seeds on this planet right now – only a small fraction of the Star Seeds on this planet will be removed. The portals begin opening randomly because of the upcoming solar event and its increased activity. Some people will rush to try to enter portals only to end up in an inhospitable place or worse. This is not a situation where human refugees are going to be removed from the planet en mass. These are alien operatives who incarnated on this planet to observe or guide this civilization leading up to the solar event.

Those who signed soul contracts to incarnate on this planet for various missions are not a part of this star seed evacuation. This is not a rapture event but a series of random portal openings and apparent abduction events – or deaths believed to be related to abduction events. I should have communicated that a bit more clearly in the update above. The vast majority of those on the planet now will be here for the solar event and will be the same people that will be a part of building a new future for humanity as it explores 4th density consciousness.

When it comes to the Zulu and Wandering Star event on Mars – they rescued the inhabitants of a couple of large cities that were scheduled to be forced to accept transhumanist technologies into their bodies. Mars was not fully liberated – only the bases that were going to be the pilot programs for testing invasive technologies.

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