The 13 Moon Calendar

I follow this but the Tzolkin has always been my harmonic of choice. Even so, this has some specific wisdom relating to the 7 chakras and seven radial plasmas in the body that pulse with our telomeres.

Starting with chakra 7, Dali, on the top left, it skips one box and goes to the right, chakra 6, Gamma, then skips a box to the right, Alpha, chakra 5, and on the end is Silio, chakra 4. Left of silio is chakra 3, Limi, skip a box going left is Kali, chakra 2 and skip another box going left is chakra 1 Seli.

Now you see why I didn’t show you this before.

Suffice to say today’s pulse is to Silio, chakra 4 or the chakra moving with Red Moon~White Dog. Indeed, flow of feelings from the heart all around the destiny oracle. Spot on. Keep your heart closed, bitter, or angry at your own peril today.

It is day 21 of the Bat Moon.

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