Sunday-Daily Reading; How Humans Express Happiness is Changing

Van Gogh; “At Eternity’s Gate”

I think it feels like no one is happy anymore but maybe it’s because they’re waking up to the truth of how manipulated we’ve all been over time; by our families, schools, and governments. In the end, people are free and do what they want. You can see that clearly in human behavior and how contradictory people are between what they say and what they do. Most people appear to behave the way they are expected to but in private, they don’t. It’s viral. I say that because it’s what I see in my patients. It’s as clear as day in their bodies and in their vibe which they cannot hide from me. White 10 Planetary Mirror mediated by Neptune is the Antipode challenge today.

Gustav Klimt; “The Mysterious Muse”

It’s not the way I am. People who don’t fit in socially because they are authentic, make others uncomfortable in public. I never act up; it’s my silent vibe. In truth, whenever I go out, strangers want to talk to me and I never have any peace so I tend to stay in. That and I don’t drink alcohol nor need to.

Paige Bradley, “Balance”

In business, my office is a sanctuary of love and truth where patients can be themselves and begin to heal. They are absolutely safe with the roots of my 200-year-old ginormous elm under my office. Then most won’t acknowledge that they know me when they feel better and leave. That’s most humans. I forgive them because it’s their karma, not mine. I stay busy because my work is a magnet for those who are having “experiences” and understand their bodies. The Universe has my back. Then they walk out the door and go back to their “lives”. I had one long-time patient who I constantly help and have known for years say, “Why do I need to give you a review if you’re busy?” Ummm, gratitude? She is a very public figure, not living in her personal truth. Most people aren’t. Your body can’t align if you’re not living in and telling the truth.

The Earth Holon, The Earth’s Evolution Seen in the Magnetosphere

Amplitude is 37 at 9am EST but looks like it will go up

The Body Holon-DNA movement Illuminated in The Tzolkin

10Leucine or Yellow 10 Planetary Star; Planetary Creativity and Beauty, if it’s still legal. Yellow 4 Human is the 5GForce. It’s Self-Existing, being alone.

Today is a G.A.P. kin so any meditation on the CNS in particular, the axis of eternity, regarding your truth and what you need and want will be more powerful.

Interplanetary Holon Affecting our Evolution

  • The Sun opposes Saturn today, and we can experience a reality check related to our work, responsibilities, or the rules in general. (Saturn mediates our Guide Power, Yellow 10 Warrior) Feelings of doubt, pessimism, or guilt may undermine our confidence until we make corrections. Feeling blocked, encountering obstacles to progress, and inhibitions are all possible under this influence. While there can be a letdown, our efforts to measure up to expectations can ultimately increase confidence in our ability to be responsible for ourselves. Focusing too much on our feelings may not be very productive right now. This is a time for reevaluating goals, considering the limits of time and energy. It can be a good time to develop real solutions to long-term problems and recognize the meaning behind recent restrictions or limitations. We might acknowledge the need to adopt a humbler, more mature, and possibly more conservative approach. We might also need to catch up on neglected duties or responsibilities.
  • A Mars-Pluto trine helps us make the best of our circumstances. (It’s not in 5th density so it must be ego or identity) We are in an excellent position to harness the power of desire and make it work for us. This transit helps us gain determination and a stronger feeling of purpose. We are willing to explore alternatives rather than fall back on the tried and true. Not afraid of a challenge, it’s more important to us that we overcome obstacles. It’s excellent energy for reworking or overhauling a project. We are incredibly effective and possibly a little ruthless about getting rid of what we don’t need.
  • The void Moon occurs from 11:11 AM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (a sextile to Pluto), until the Moon enters Aries at 4:44 PM EDT.


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