Ascension; The Law of One -From Ra

We can start here and see where it takes us.

There are some cool photos in the intro section. Click on it at the top left and scroll all the way to the bottom and come up one picture at a time. Carla is in a channeling position. I think channeling RA was a bit more intense than what I experience with the Maya or the Andromedan. Especially the Maya, are not difficult for me physically to deal with at all but their essence is who I am as a healer. They feel like family. The Maya are great healers. I don’t think the Egyptians were but I’ve had Egyptian pictures and symbols in my bedroom since 1990. I’ve never felt warmly attached to them though. They’re Pleiadean and I feel deeply grateful to the Pleiadeans for their assistance. Humanity has since evolved a deep heart chakra through the blending with the Christ DNA which eclipses all species in our local universe. That’s why humans are treated as royalty. HF33-White 13 Dog folks.

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