Saturday-New Podcast on the Arrival of Humans from Maldek to Earth

Red Serpent~White Wizard kin, the Maldek memories are somewhere in your unconscious mind or even conscious mind! Many of these two kin have actually left earth now because earth is releasing Maldekian karma based on the Lucifer rebellion ( the c$%^&). At some point, the asteroid belt may turn to dust and disappear, I hope.

Red Skywalker~White World-Bridger kin holds the trauma and memory of the escape in our bodies. I am not sure yet whether at that time we stayed on Earth after the other kin safely landed in the ocean or left to heal on another planet. Our kin had extensive injuries as we saw to it that the remnant seed of Maldek got out so we were the last to leave. Currently, the Skywalker and World-Bridger kin I know have these health issues going on. We are healing with these new ascension frequencies though.

Our home is now a ring of rocks, held in place by its own dream spell, it’s still there, with its karma.

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