Friday-New Podcast on the 230,000,000 Year Cycle that’s Ending

The Tree of Life is Eternal. DNA is Timeless. The Axis of the Eternal Present is the trunk, here invisible, the SPINE and brain of the body.

That’s a long time. I think that whatever people need to cope with their ascending minds, brains, and bodies right now in transition, is fine. The idea is to survive it and not WATCH or LISTEN to negativity from those that are supposed to be smart, informed leaders. In fact, many of them are in denial or just have a big ego. Or maybe they have so much of their own subconscious trauma from not being loved that they aren’t dealing with, that they are in error. I’m very sorry for them and frankly, I have had patients like that for 23 years. It’s nothing new to me and they CAN heal and align with God In Them and actively take care of themselves.

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