Thursday-Daily Reading; Resonant Maldekian Karma

. Full Moon in Aquarius Tonight. It pulses with Our Guide Power; Red 7 Resonant Earth

We enter a new HF22 today; Planetary Store. Remember the Elegance of Manifestation. This is I Ching Hx54; The Marrying Maiden/Subordination. The overarch DNA nucleotide is AGT or Serine.

The vibe here is patriarchy from the Reptilians and the karma that goes with it. The elegant manifestation is what the harmonic (4 days) ends with on Sunday; Yellow 10 Planetary Star. Over the weekend we can have a beautiful time with this energy and dump the negative karma since it’s not ours. As long as you keep MSM off, you won’t have to see the hell they’re going through and created for themselves. Let them spin.

31 amplitude power at 7:45am EST, 4X normal
Up 21% from 7:15 a.m.
7 Serine or Red 7 Resonant Serpent. The planets pulsing on our bodies are Maldek asteroid belt karma, Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn! Heavies for those that control this planet…or did.

This is G.A.P. kin today so the drama will ensue with the Leo Sun. I’m bored with it but many people are entertained by it and then start fighting on social media. Waste of energy. There is a destiny here and it’s going to happen the way it’s been set. The real balance of power on earth is gender equity. It all comes back to female and male.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by asteroid belt Maldekian karma today, but also Uranus, Jupiter, and Saturn because of the conflict going on up there in 5th density. Keep in mind, as above, so below. That conflict, not far from us, involves thousand-year-old contracts between the nefarious E.T. and our c#$%^. It’s a last stand kind of deal. That is what is behind the stupid political drama down here but it has to be played out.

The 5GForce today is Blue 7 Resonant Eagle. Remember Enlil and Enki? The serpent and the snake. It’s the story of the Annunaki. This is the short one. I have five more. It’s essentially the story of the actions of the Time Bandits from Jupiter and Saturn.

For the Maya, it’s Red Dragon/Red Serpent as the snake and Blue Eagle/Yellow Seed as the Eagle. Throw in there Yellow Warrior/Blue Night mediated by Saturn and you get the full Story. Any kin incarnated as any of these tribes is physically and emotionally going through the wringer right now because of karma. I dearly hope you come through it.
  • It’s an astrologically busy day. The Sun-Uranus square this morning can destabilize some parts of our lives temporarily, or it can highlight problem areas that already exist. (Uranus mediates our Guide Power Red Earth) Our strong desire for independence or to break the rules could impair our judgment. Changes we make now may feel out of character or abrupt. Disrupted routines and plans are likely, and while they can be unsettling at first, they can also encourage new approaches. Disruptions can pull up buried frustrations, which we should examine more closely. It can be a time to learn something new about ourselves. Nevertheless, we should watch for being irresponsible in our rebellions and guard against temperamental behavior and decision-making.
  • A Mercury-Pluto challenge can complicate communications.
  • On the other hand, a Mars-Neptune sextile this afternoon encourages a more inspired or gentle approach to pursuing our desires. With this transit in force, we actively seek inspiration. Our intuitive guidance can be put to practical use, especially if it helps increase our sense of security. There can be the letting go of anger or a softening of the disposition now. We prefer to cooperate or go our own way than compete. We are also ready to act on our compassion, communicating our intentions through actions and gestures, and our intuition for making the right moves is strong. We might open up to unusual or alternative healing methods or the use of compassion and forgiveness for healing purposes. Creative arts can thrive.
  • Venus enters Leo today, and it will transit the sign until September 5th. (This pulses with our remembering the store of elegance by Sunday) During this transit, we take pride in love, and we’re generous with our money. It’s a warm-hearted, playful, expressive, and proud placement for Venus. During this transit, we tend to feed on attention, acknowledgment, validation, and adoration. We can have a high ego investment in our money, love life, children, or pastimes. It’s best to watch for extravagance and overstating our feelings only for effect.
  • A Full Moon occurs in Aquarius at 9:36 PM EDT, and it’s a time of culmination. The Leo Sun is proud and intensely individual–not content with only being one of the team. While also individualistic, the Aquarius Moon values independence and the team, community, and group spirit.
  • With the Leo Sun in opposition to the Aquarius Moon, the Full Moon illuminates this conflict. When a Full Moon occurs, there can be proclamations and outpours that can be raw. It also brings light to feelings, attitudes, and circumstances that have been buried or overlooked. It’s a time to awaken to the need for others or to answer to humanitarian impulses.


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