Wednesday’s New Podcast Just as the Clock on My Laptop Turned to 11:11. You Might Want to Listen.

Folks, I just saw 11:11, then I googled “images of Pakal Votan’s Tomb” and this came up. You see here the 5GForce for Blue 5 Night, White 4 Wind, Red 3 Dragon, and Yellow 2 Sun! This was HF21 for us. This is impressive synchronicity. And, the section I just podcasted on was just next in line for a podcast. I opened the book and that’s what the podcast was about. Best listen today.

Today we finish HF21.

  • Blue 5 Night, yesterday, we had a 5GForce of Red 9 Earth!
  • White 4 WInd, the day before that had a 5GForce of White 10 Mirror
  • Red 3 Dragon, the day before that has a 5GForce of Blue 11 Storm
  • Yellow 2 Sun, the day before that has a 5GForce of Yellow 12 Sun

Look at the image above. This is the Crystal Matrix of Pakal Votan so whatever the message and timing are around him, which I just podcasted on, is true. This is a big confirmation. I just stumbled into this today, as usual.

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