Wednesday-Daily Reading; Edgy Day for Leaders, Galactic Synchronicity in the Upper Density

ScR is up and causes heart arrhythmia so you may want to cut back on coffee since it does the same thing. Meditative breathing helps keep your heart out of your throat. The IChing Hx designation for this HF of oppression and exhaustion has certainly been accurate. It ends today. Tomorrow will loosen up.

This is a bit of a comical karmic day for those who have built up a pile. It’s coming via Maldek-White Wizard in the antipode challenge position and Uranus~Red Earth in the subconscious Hidden Wisdom. The Uranus Time Tunnel is open now so here it comes…Aquarian truth and revolution. The world is watching the U.S. We are not such a leader anymore with egg all over our weakened faces.

The Tone is Rhythmic Tone 6 but the Occult Tone is Galactic 8 which is pulsing to Uranus. That is the galactic synchronization since the Red Earth attribute is synchronicity.

Earth Holon

ScR power is 47 at 7:30am EST, 6Xnormal
It has increased by 13% since 7am EST

Body Holon

Yellow 6 Seed mediated by Jupiter, analog is Blue 6 Eagle. Maldek and Uranus are also mediating. Big karma, evoking a past timeline. The 5GForce is Yellow 8 Galactic Warrior-(SATURN)

We are mediated by Jupiter today but Uranus, which rules Aquarius and THE AGE OF AQUARiUS is happily in the Occult position. Our institutions and elite continue in their drama while the people are going to get their way. We number 8 billion on the planet and we value freedom and love, each other, and our family. They can finish their theatrics and be gone. We have a life to live.

Interplanetary Holon

Big synchronicity with the oracle. Cap is ruled by the gas giant, home of time thieves SATURN.

  • The Moon continues to move through the sign of Capricorn until 2:46 PM EDT when it enters Aquarius.
  • The Aquarius Moon is fair-minded–we see all sides on a matter and can be more invested in our friendships, connections, and happiness goals. (Synchronicity with the Hidden Wisdom: 8Red Earth mediated by Uranus which rules Aquarius) New techniques or options can emerge.
  • The Sun forms a square to the North Node of the Moon today and to Uranus tomorrow morning, pointing to some dissatisfaction and disagreement. We could be moving in directions counter to our growth, perhaps allowing matters of ego to work against us. Circumstances may take us out of our comfort zone with a jolt that feels disruptive and counter-productive at first glance.
  • The void Moon occurs from 12:40 PM EDT, with the Moon’s last aspect before changing signs (an opposition to Venus), until the Moon enters Aquarius at 2:46 PM EDT.


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