Tuesday Daily Reading; We Can See that We are in the End Game

Last night, Monday, when this political debacle occurred, it was Blue 10 Planetary storm in the destiny oracle. Big synchronicity.

We land on Blue 5 Radiant Night (Saturn) today as the theme and the monkey business from the other day is running rife as well as being our Guide Power today; Blue 5 Radiant Monkey (Venus indulgence). I know it’s hard not to get caught up in the emotion being spun by MSM but stay above the fray with your energy to sit in your power while they are losing theirs. When the monkeys get out of their cages, the Saturnian zoo keepers step in. That’s the level of this.

It’s obvious that we really are in the end game that is predicted by the Mayan Galactic cycle that started July 7. It’s a good thing I pay attention to and parse all of this. Yes?

Earth Holon

ScR is erratic because the evolving tRNA is erratic.

The power is 38 and going up steadily

Body Holon

Blue 5 Night is in Red, 5Alanine. The inverse is 9 White Mirror at the bottom. The 5gforce is Red 9 Solar Earth; 9Phenylalanine. I see here a shaking up of the brain neurotransmitters via the sun.

The Theme is Blue 5 Night and the Analog is Yellow 5 Warrior. Our Antipode challenge is Red 5 Skywalker-of course! There is no integrity and no good movement in these actions, but there could be and SW shows that, but it is a challenge when there is no FREEDOM. The Freedom archetype is Yellow Human and human tax-paying citizens don’t matter to the elite on either side. We are fodder, used by the system to make business contracts.

The Hidden Wisdom in the inverse Harmonic is White 9 Solar Mirror so the galactic movement is really working on balancing human brains, thus it looks like end times madness. Going into emotion and anger is what takes humans out of their power. THE EGO, the IDENTITY is what takes people off their Center. That’s why our government is no longer as bipartisan as it was set up to be. The Ship of State needs an even keel. That ship has sunk now so don’t be surprised if there is an assassination in the offing, on EITHER side. They follow a value system of death, sacrifice, violence and control like many American households. There is no love or altruism in politics.

I take no side anymore. I haven’t supported anything political since December 2019, after the stolen 2020 election and before the irrational lockdowns hit.

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn and the Capricorn Moon is ruled by Saturn so there are all kinds of control going on. Synchronicity. Trump is ruled by Mercury as a Gemini, mediated by Earth ways as a Blue Hand. Biden is mediated by Mars as a White World-Bridger kin and there are all kinds of reckoning going on near Jupiter between the Andromedans and the nefarious bad actors from Orion. There is synchronicity with that aspect.

  • Mercury forms a quincunx and Mars a semi-square to Jupiter today, and our estimates can be off. We might waver, unable to reach a wholly satisfying decision or conclusion, making it better to reserve judgment. It’s too easy to overestimate our abilities or underestimate the situation, or we might see-saw between alternatives. Whatever the case, it may be best to avoid jumping into something without planning, as necessary details are too easy to overlook at the moment. The competitive feelings we might experience now can be stimulating and invigorating, but we may not get the timing or estimation of our capabilities right. It’s best to wait out sudden urges since they may not hold weight over time and make it a goal to manage disorganization.
  • Helping with this is the Moon in Capricorn (all day). This transit favors order and structure.
  • The Sun is still in Leo so there is too much drama

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