I’m posting this again. The Andromeda Syndicate and “The Hue”

Recorded by me at 4pm today. It’s not long.

I went live again…you need to know.
I bought these socks on Amazon in Winter 2022. When I first put them on I thought the word Hue on them was odd and thought nothing of it…until I saw Corey’s latest video and transcript. Hue can be “Hew” or “Hue”. Please note the synchronicity that the Hue beings are blue and black and so are the socks. I think it’s a riot. As Corey says in the video, the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies have merged into ONE. Our two feet may appear separate but our first chakra, our grounding, is ONE. That’s the meaning I give it. Also, there is a lot of trade that goes on between our two systems. Maybe they trade in socks! LOL


  • The Andromeda Galaxy and our Galaxy both have a group called “The Guardians”. They are Good.
  • The GGLN, The Global Galactic League of Nations are the Good Ones.
  • We have 14 Star systems in our 52-star clusters.
  • The bad E.T. groups are RIGHT HERE in our local solar system right now near the gas giants Jupiter and Saturn, the origin of the Time Thieves folks. The name of the two systems is Sol System (us) and Aldebaran (Star Wars, the Jedi, and the Skywalkers)
  • The Andromeda Syndicate are the good guys fighting the last stronghold near us as I type.
  • The Andromeda galaxy and our Milky Way Galaxy are already ONE. They have merged. I believe any good that we feel right now is because of this fact. Hold Andromeda in your heart. Our E.T. cousins are with us now.
  • The bad guys that we are fighting are the ICC (International Corporate Conglomerate) or C^&*$ (The Orion Group, the Dark Fleet, and the Rogue Federation. (aka-all of the Earth’s corporate SHILL; you know who they are. The biggest and most controlling corporations on earth. Pure evil. They control all of the governments. There is no democracy on earth. They have contracts with the Reptilians, Draco, and Greys who are on the outskirts of our system controlled by the Guardians and The Andromeda Syndicate)
  • We need to be aware that these “Angels of Light” have cloaked themselves on Earth for thousands of years as the Galactic Federation of Light, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and some of the Pleiadean E.T. (I don’t know which ones)
  • The Cosmic Trials are coming up. My guess is we’ll know in October when we hit Yellow Planetary Sun at the end of HF35, in about 60 days.

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