Sunday-a Bit Intense, Red Dragon and Red Serpent

We begin a new HF21 today; Rhythmic Input, inform the flowering of equality. IChing Hx 47; Oppression and Exhaustion rule 3D. That fits with the magnetosphere/psi bank frequencies.

ScR @2:35am EST is 85, almost 11x normal
The Frequencies

Theme and Guide Power; Red 3 Electric Dragon and Red 3 Electric Serpent are beginning the day with the new Tzolkin run 5 at the top, N. Polar Zone.

The 5GForce is 11Tryptophan or 11 Storm. It is directly above 12Sun. 11Sun, the occult partner today is the dissolving stop codon at the bottom directly diagonal in the inverse harmonic

Inverse Harmonic

Look at 11 Sun, 10 Storm, 9 Mirror, and 8Moon also. Those backup and spin occult to the new harmonic creating a new brain frequency starting with both eyes which Dragon and Mirror pulse to; CYSTEINE AND TYROSINE

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by NEPTUNE. Synchronicity with the first aspect.

  • Venus forms a trine to Neptune midday, and we trust others first before judging, preferring to cooperate, not compete. We see the very best in people now, taking the pressure off personal relationships. We’re also inclined to glamorize objects, situations, and pleasures. We prioritize spiritual and emotional concerns over material ones at this time. It’s easier to tap into our inner spiritual wisdom and draw on compassion. We’re also more attuned to the world of beauty, the arts, and the imagination.
  • However, Mars forms a square to Saturn this afternoon, and energies shift considerably. Ambitions and accomplishments are strong on our minds. There can be obstacles to surmount, and we could feel blocked from asserting ourselves or pursuing our desires. It’s a time to slow down and make adjustments and edits, as we may encounter resistance if we push ahead. It can seem like more effort than usual is required to complete tasks. We might deal with disapproval or a dip in confidence, and we should draw on patience and aim to develop our endurance. It’s a better time for maintenance than it is for moving forward. We might recognize some of our limits and adjust our speed accordingly.


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