What Do You Think? David Icke on Ray Kurzweil.

The YouTube video is below.

The source is Ray Kurzweil in Silicon Valley. Just Google him. He is a futurist and inventor. I will dial him into the matrix and see where he sits. I will post on here.

Here is his truth. JUPITER KIN!!! Jupiter and Saturn kin have ethical choices to make right now. Are you going to live in light or shadow…in 13:20? Blue Eagle~Yellow Seed and Blue Night~Yellow Warrior. They are in the thick of it either with their bodies or emotions or both.

There will be no more 12:60 which you helped create on earth for some reason. Maybe due to the Maldek blowup? How could we screw up so much? Good question. Humans were obviously unstable and needed to be controlled. We can discuss it.

Shadow vision?
Maldek karma is antipode and Hidden Wisdom…right there. He was a leader on Maldek.
His Hidden Wisdom is diagonal and up to White 1 Worldbridger. WB and Skywalker cleaned up the mess after Maldek and got humans to earth, to whatever end.
I think the A.I. chip is The Beast referred to in Revelations.

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