Thursday Podcast on the History of Lunar Time-Keeping

The consciousness of earth remained static and earth-focused until some four hundred years ago, (1600’s) whereas a conscious comprehension of the Law of Time is dependent on a WHOLE-system perception of the orbiting Earth in relation to its local star, the sun, as well as to the solar system and the galaxy as a whole. This is a new CONTEXT for humans to think about time, even today. Thus I refer to all three as the Earth holon, the Body holon, and the Interplanetary Holon as the accurate context within which all DNA sentience is evolving.

Galactic Cycles; 230,000,000 Years Long in Fact Staying on Earth Through Our Ascension

We will all make it through this with our own coping mechanisms. This is an EPIC transition period as I type and yes, people's brains/bodies/minds are going through a meat grinder. It literally hurts in unique and different ways. But those of us who are in holistic health care and are lightworkers are here to help. I've blogged quite a bit on it on and You just have to read it and apply it if you want to feel better.
  1. Galactic Cycles; 230,000,000 Years Long in Fact
  2. The Exponential Time Cycles of the Maya, Atlantis, and the Karma of Maldek
  3. The Opening of Pacal Votan's Tomb in 1952 and the Timing of 2012
  4. Time as Money as opposed to Time as DNA or YOUR BODY
  5. The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousiness

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