What is Our Youthful Reference Point if Not Our Youth in THIS Life?

Our younger days in this life are over. We can’t go back. So…how do we go forward to full light body alignment now?

First, realize that we were not in full light body alignment back then. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to go back to my teens or twenties because my MINDSET was not conscious as it is now. We’re in a New time.

The light mind goes with the light body. So proceed to make sure your MIND is set in light and love which is Galactic alignment manifested. No foo foo stuff here. Where does the rubber meet the road?

13:20 Values are:

  • Unify Form in the Light Body
  • Polarize and stabilize the challenge
  • Activate Bonding to be of service
  • Define your self-existence and self-generation to be interdependent. Be active.
  • Attune to empowerment at all times commanding radiance
  • Organize rhythmic equality in whatever way you can
  • Channel inspiring, resonant attunement to higher energies
  • Harmonize and model galactic integrity through meditation
  • Pulse realization of solar intention by paying attention to the SUN. Receive solar information.
  • Perfect production of planetary manifestation-The worker bees.
  • Dissolve and release spectral liberation. Bust it up. But remember that others have the right to be wrong and you have the right to turn away from what you don’t like. However, you are not the final arbiter of their error. Let it go and allow the universe in the matrix to flesh it out.
  • Dedicate yourself to universal cooperation and tolerating diversity (Age of Aquarius)
  • Endure and transcend Cosmic Presence. Go further. Expand (No one will understand. Just lead)

This is a beginning point. I will post on this more later. Uplift your CNS in meditation and make sure the pineal gland is spinning.

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