Tuesday-Daily Reading; Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior Creates Conflict

Remember that our overarch I Ching Hx 6 is Conflict, but in the upper densities, the DUALITY of conflict can create intelligent liberation. Duality is a STEP in evolution forward. Don’t curse it. It’s not as though the human race is extremely evolved yet. We’re getting there though.

Intensification of emotion, especially in politics will be seen today. It’s superficial, which Yellow Warrior tends to be. This kin is extremely clever and status conscious. That’s not a terrible thing as there are those of us that lack a social filter in favor of truth. Mediated by Saturn which rules Capricorn, this is cardinal earth playing its power games with sex and money. Remember what Corey said about the gas giant planets in his update. Feel free to review it. I posted yesterday.

Some pretty serious outer rim B.S. is in our local system near Jupiter and Saturn having a final hurrah to see how much damage they can do to human psyches as if the c=/_< haven’t done enough. These are the power elite who have practically destroyed us and our planet for the last 26,000 years, the time thieves which translates “DNA thieves” and their buddies the Reptilian.

I can’t get over how awful it feels that we may lose an entire tribe, section, of our DNA because of A.I.; Red Serpent. The lesson is, DNA, throughout the grand universe, cannot function co-creatively without a soul. And the existence and nature of the soul has been debated forever. No one can agree on what it is. The simple answer is God or Source in us. It’s nature. Many don’t agree with me. This is a source of conflict and the reason tech and A.I. with its machine-world obecence gets so much attention on earth.

Amplitude is 24 and increasing
You can see it spiking on the right this morning

The Body Evolving

Today is Yellow 11 Spectral Warrior or 11 Histidine as theme and guide power. Also moving is 11Alanine, 11Threonine and 3Serine. The 5gforce is Yellow 3 Seed which fits nicely with the podcast.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Saturn, Mars and Maldek today. It’s sort of a severe mix but we have Venus smoothing things out in 3D. Venus can literally turn things positive. Let’s do that. The Moon is in Libra, mediated by Venus. Let’s do the diplomatic balancing act today.

  • Transits this morning tend to play with our perceptions, and we can doubt ourselves or others.
  • However, Venus harmonizes with the True North Node of the Moon, Uranus, and Mars today, and we’re making exciting, motivating connections. Attractions seem to come on suddenly or quickly. We take a creative approach to our relationships and projects. These transits support flow and ease in close personal interactions without sacrificing engagement. We can make connections that prove fruitful and fortunate, and business relationships and pursuits can prosper. We might express our affections through our actions, and we can feel compelled to create something beautiful. We are also more interactive and charming than usual. There can be infatuations, whims, gossip, and unexpected opportunities socially or financially. We have a greater need for self-expression and social excitement and a stronger desire to connect to and belong with others. We may be experimenting, improvising, and trying on new ways of relating to others and expressing ourselves.
  • The void Moon period continues only until the Moon enters Libra early today at 12:06 AM EDT.

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