Earth and Uranus Time Tunnels Will Be Opened by October 5th; Yellow 10 Planetary Sun or 10Stop Codon.

There is likely going to be a large Solar event around, on, or near this date. The day after is Red 11 Spectral Dragon; the dissolution of the nefarious Draco who have misled the Red initiating Tribes; Red Dragon (Neptune whose atmosphere is collapsed), Red Serpent (Maldek, destroyed), Red Earth (Uranus whose Time Tunnel is blocked), Red Skywalker (Mars, partially destroyed in the Maldek explosion) and Red Moon (Mercury who communication to Earth is blocked because earth’s time tunnel is blocked) and all of our wonderful analog support Refiners, our filters, THE WHITE KIN, Mirror, Wizard, Wind, World-Bridger, and Dog.

October 5 is only 2 months away.

Jupiter mediates Yellow Seed~Blue Eagle kin. Saturn mediates Yellow Warrior~Blue Night kin.

URANUS, 3rd out from the sun in the outer galaxy as 🌎 earth is 3rd in the inner galaxy. Uranus mediates The Age of Aquarius which we are in now.
Gas giant Saturn, Home of the Hexagon; 6
Gas Giant Jupiter, Home of the Pentagon; 5

“Jealous of their increased power, forces on Jupiter and Saturn conspired against the planetary kin receiving the gift of the 13:260 ratio. This gift would have given Earth equal power and would have established a direct connection between Earth and Uranus, the eighth planet.
For just as Earth is the third planet out from the Sun, so is Uranus the third planet in from the galaxy. Together Earth and Uranus hold the orbital balance of the solar system.
Both Earth and Uranus have two planetary orbits on either side of them. As long as Jupiter and Saturn held the power of Maldek and Mars, the channel between Earth and Uranus was closed. Instead of the 13:260 ratio already stored deep within the crystal core of Timeship Earth, the planetary kin received the 12:60 ratio, the dark Dreamspell of History. The promise of Galactic Time Magic and Cosmic Selfhood was stolen from the planetary kin.”

The Dreamspell

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