Sunday-Daily Reading; We are Moving from Our Past Selves Into Our Future Selves

CA =Civilization Advance, Past to present. AC is Aboriginal Continuity, Future to Present. We are now moving from the past dominating the present to the future dominating the present. The sketchy part is they are both mutable based on collective choices.

Our Evolving Earth, Monitored by the ScR

7pm est Sunday
Amplitude is 23 at 7pm est

Here in the time matrix we land on White 9 Solar Wizard and are mediated by Maldek. My ex-husband, Alex’s father has been around in spirit a lot because he guides Alex. We can both feel it. He decided on a college path and I can tell his father influenced him. I’ve been playing Bill Evans jazz arrangements on the piano also and it sounds like Dave playing. He was a lot like Bill Evans. So, in addition, Alex walks in with American Spirit cigarettes and says, “Here mom. Keep these in the piano so Dad is with you while you play”, and mind you I’m playing his baby grand! I put them in the piano bench. No one in this house smokes but Dave loved to smoke, drink coffee, and practice jazz. He was White 4 Wizard and was he ever Maldekian? He was a jazz monk from another planet and did not like it on this planet at all. He’s been gone since December 2015.

Our evolving Bodies in Time

White 9 Solar Wizard or 9Lysine. The 5 GForce is White 5 World-Bridger or 5Threonine.

Maldek, Mercury, Jupiter, and Earth are spinning our tRNA today. Timelessness, survival, love, focus, and healing are afoot.

Moving from Hx 48 to Hx49 in the harmonic, which we are doing now, is moving in the time matrix. We are all Time travelers made of DNA time pods in the nucleus of every cell. Within the DNA are chromosomes with ELM telomeres that absorb every thought and feeling we have as sentient beings. They are microscopic electromagnetic coils on the ends.

This is the Tzolkin overlaid on the 64 Seasonal plates of Earth and shows how Time moves all DNA. It’s called the Psi Bank Flow Key and it is monitored by the Schumann Resonance or the Magnetosphere. From Earth Ascending.

When we remember and feel how we did as children, which we all do, OUR CELLULAR ENERGY is literally traveling in time and are IN that time in our minds and thus our telomeres are as well. If you do it a lot you end up manifesting a room or an activity that is exactly as it was in your childhood! I was doing that with my grandmother’s recipes and baking too much. It smelled exactly like her kitchen. I don’t recommend this. I’ve done it with furniture, fabrics, and incense too. The modern world is still made up of the past. Antique photos and antique stores can be a bit sketchy. I get uncomfortable in them because I can feel and see the past and the people in them. I’m out the door.

Now, as of July 7, we are strongly bringing forward our Selves from the future which we’ve already created. Can we remember our past lives? I do. Just because they are perceived as the past in our current lives doesn’t mean they were in the past. We could say that they were our former lives on a different timeline.

Remember that after we blew up Maldek we had to escape to earth and since then, we’ve been on a different timeline healing and rebooting as a species. But the damn asteroid belt is still there to remind us of the cataclysm. And I have far too many memories of that past/future time that are emotionally on the surface. We are healing all of that on earth and letting it go. There is no more time to keep remembering the past.

The Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Maldek, the asteroid belt.

  • With this morning’s Venus-Chiron square, we may withdraw or hold back, easily rebuffed or hurt. We can feel somewhat drained temporarily, although this does allow us to refuel with more authentic motivation. It’s not easy to assess value temporarily. A good approach would be to recognize and explore our feelings of vulnerability.
  • Fortunately, as the day advances, the Sun-Jupiter trine boosts our confidence. We’re ready to give one another the benefit of the doubt. Enthusiasm runs high, and cooperation comes easily. This transit stimulates hope, optimism, and a desire to improve and impress. We seek to grow and expand a venture, a relationship, our knowledge, personal philosophy, or a self-improvement program. We might make grand gestures and tend to rise above petty problems and differences. Optimism and confidence are core elements in the energy of this transit.


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