Friday-Daily Reading; We Can Attune to Free Will

Schumann Resonance (ScR)- The Psi Bank of earth

We’re in the 7th Psycho-atmospheric Weather front moving from Hx48 back to Hx49, until Oct. 5th, from CA to the AC template in the Psi Bank (no longer the focus on the past but the future, INTO the present).

8 am-It’s increased 25% in the last hour

DNA Evolution in the Mayan Tzolkin

We land in the red square, Yellow 7 Resonant Human, on day 23 of this new cycle of ascension. It is also a green GAP kin, a galactic activation portal so our chromosomes are pulsing at the 5D level to evolve the telomeres, electrical switches in our RNA. It only happens as our minds focus on meditation.

Look exactly diagonal up to Red 7 Resonant Moon. It is in HF48 which is the Inverse harmonic with HF 18 soul lessons; Formulate the free will in manifestation through authentic feelings, love and loyalty, magic and play, and free will.

The Hidden Wisdom in HF 48 is about channeling in order to purify emotion, flowing it out, releasing, and attuning to the power of birth. There are big sensitivities here.


In fifth-density, we pulse to Yellow 7 Resonant Star Bringing in the influence of Venus.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the earth today.

  • The Moon spends the day in Leo, encouraging our honorable, proud, and loving qualities. Channels for expressing personal emotional drama or creative potential might open to us. We can be filled with ideas and possibilities on this day after a New Moon in the sign.
  • The Moon aligns with Mercury (Red 7 Moon O.P.) but also forms squares to Mars and Uranus, and we can feel wired or on edge. We process information very quickly today, and we’re impatient with situations or people who seem to be slowing us down.

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