Thursday Daily Reading; Rhythmic Illusion. The NEW MOON is in Leo today at 2PM EST

This is some odd amplitude today.

It is at 13 at 4:47pm est
Today is Blue 6Monkey or 6Asparagine. Venus, Venus, Venus, Neptune, and Mercury Tone8 are helping us evolve today. There will be integrity in what we say today even with the Mercury-Uranus square. Think before you SPEAK.

We are working with larger cycles now, and since it’s easy for individuals to follow the Mayan Daily Reading on an app, we will continue to observe and analyze the meaning of the context of the Matrix as our society changes. It is holonomic, multidimensional, full of synchronicity, and illusory. Meaning your physical eyes and emotional IDENTITY as a human can be deceptive. You can start to define your reality only by what you see and how much money you have or don’t have in the bank which would lead to shadow. We need to upgrade from that if we haven’t already. What is the QUALITY of your life and relationships? How much joy are you pulsing? Is your mojo humming? How does your body feel? Within all of that lies your abundance and magic.

This is a Matrix of Evolution and each local system has one, with its own Sun and Timing Harmonic because its evolutionary cycle is different.

The 5GForce-Daily Epic Importance for Ascension

Today is Red 8 Galactic Moon fifth Density Force. Therefore, it’s pulsing with the Hidden Wisdom because it’s the analog but they are not occult. White 8 Dog and Red 8 Moon are ruled by Mercury which is square Uranus today so this is an interesting pulse. The fact that the two positions in the sequence are pulsing is powerful because they are analog. I would say it’s BIG support from 5th density to bring forward any positive impulse to love with integrity (white dog) if at all possible.

Interplanetary Holon in 4D-Astrology

We are mediated by VENUS today with the New Moon in Leo. That should be fun for most kin. But Jupiter stations retrograde in Aries. Gee thanks. I’m just going to stay home and drink espresso, eat dark chocolate, and write. *sigh*

  • The Moon continues its transit of Cancer only until 2:37 AM when it moves into Leo. The Leo Moon is bold and expressive, and a New Moon occurs in Leo today at 1:55 PM, bringing the chance for a fresh start. We might concentrate on new ways to enhance our romantic life, creative endeavors and hobbies, and relationship with children. It’s a time to build self-confidence and healthy pride in ourselves. We might strive to assume more responsibility for our lives and give of ourselves warmly and generously. We might aim to improve the Leo-ruled areas of our charts in the coming weeks. It’s time to awaken our “inner child” and find ways to express ourselves creatively.
  • This lunation gets support from stationing Jupiter, and we can find it natural to want to grow, improve, and move in the direction of positive change. Jupiter stations as it turns retrograde today, and slowing down projects or plans may be appropriate to gain perspective. Initially, our enthusiasm and confidence might wane, and we may experience a crisis of faith or hope.
  • “Luck” may be less overt while Jupiter is retrograde from July 28th to November 23rd, but it’s a good time to look within and reassess recent goals. Note that Jupiter spends its retrograde first in Aries and later in Pisces.
  • Today’s Mercury-Uranus square can add abruptness and tension to our thinking patterns and conversations. Our senses are hyper-stimulated.
  • There can be sudden flashes of insight or fresh new ideas, but they may not come together well just yet. We may be impatient with routine matters or monotonous tasks.
  • Disorganization or bluntness with our communications is likely.
  • Information can surface now that upsets the status quo.
  • Even so, this transit can stimulate our minds, encouraging new ways of thinking.
  • The void Moon continues until the Moon enters Leo today at 2:37 AM EDT.


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