Synchronicity on the Move

The # on his uniform was 40 and he is tone 4.
Catcher for the Chicago Cubs, Willson Contreras

I am a baseball fan, particularly the Chicago Cubs. So here is the synchronicity in the matrix. Try to stay with me here. It’s important to learn to see synchronicity in the elusive matrix so you understand what life is about; spiritual lessons. That’s all you can take with you when you leave here.

Willson Contreras, All-Star four times and World Series winner and more will be traded away from the Cubs which is the only team he’s known for 14 years since he was 17!

Check it out. This is today’s destiny oracle on the left; Red 4 Self-Existing Moon.

On the right is Willson Contreras Birth Destiny Kin; Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent. It’s the Guide Power for TODAY.

Willson was the Guide Power at Wrigley Field today for the game against the Pirates. The Cubs won. He is a great example of a human being that works hard, is talented, and loves his work, team, and fans. He earned a standing ovation from 30,000 people.

Read the baseball section in my book, Time is DNA under the Archetypes section to understand Willson’s synchronicity with his position in baseball. He was a Catcher so he guided, somewhat, the pitcher from behind home plate. He was a great catcher by the way.

There is another metaphor. Your guide power in your destiny can save your butt when you’re up to bat in life, in a pinch, and not sure which way to go. It will literally guide you. Contreras did that for years with the Cubs. Also, note that I say the catcher is analogous to the Mother in the home. Contreras is Hispanic and noted for its matriarchal culture. Red Dragon is HIS guide power and is the primordial mother and blood or ancestry memory. He is very much that way and very close to his brother who is also a professional baseball player. So it is circling synchronicity all around.

Four nights ago, July 22, 2022, before any of this hit the media, I had a dream about Willson and I can’t talk about it. We’ll see. It was definitely an ending-type dream but radical. That’s all I will say right now and I woke up saying, “Please God, let him be ok.” I wrote it down on a piece of paper next to my bed and dated it. I live with the dreams I have. So be it. 🙏

Treasure every day, know your destiny oracle and inverse harmonic and heed them. The Tzolkin is never wrong. Mark my words. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason and according to my dream last night, a different one, I saw EPIC timelines converging and Spirit showed me that nothing is ever “wrong”. What we think is wrong in the matrix is as it should be and is perfect. I woke up and said, “Just be joyful every day no matter what.” As you know it’s too easy for me to get impatient and cynical. I’m changing that. Our perspective is VERY limited on earth and our souls are made for joy and for evolution forward for our own bodies and for our species.

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