Sunday-We’re Stabilizing Our Body By Challengimg It. Self-Generation is the Guide

Our power is out so I haven’t been able to edit on my laptop.

Half of a block from us 2 trees got hit by lightning. One maple landed on top of the neighbor’s house. The other was hit at the base of the tree by lightning (Blue Storm Guide Power) and toppled it onto the power line.

Earth Holon

We had an epic, hurricane-like storm last night at 10pm that took out the power. It’s 5:30am and it is still out. That is in synchronicity with Blue Storm guide power today. The lightning was strong and took out a power pole on our corner that started a fire. Storm after storm keeps rolling in after one stops. This has been going on for seven hours.

67.80 was the peak yesterday, 8x normal

Body Holon

The theme is 2Isoleucine, analog is 2glutamic acid, guide power is 2tryptophan, antipode is 2phenylalanine, and hidden wisdom is 12lysine. The 5gforce is 12Glutamine or Red 12 Crystal Skywalker

Reverse Aging

Here is my original telomeres post. I will keep adding to it as we go forward to October. I recommend you meditate on this issue daily and see what happens in your body.

Telomeres Meditation to Reverse Aging and Activate Timelessness in the CNS

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by the earth today. It’s a wild place right now and has been in the past. I love our planet dearly.

  • With a sesquiquadrate between Mercury and Neptune this morning, we tend to perceive situations in an impractical or overly optimistic way. This transit serves to diffuse our concentration or focus.
  • Venus forms a minor square to Saturn this evening and is heading toward a square to Jupiter, exact early tomorrow and strongly influencing today. Anxiety or troubles with matters concerned with feelings and affections are possible until we get in touch with our true needs and wants. There can be enthusiasm but also extravagance and associated guilt.
  • The Venus-Jupiter transit can exaggerate or expand our affections, and this state of mind can lead to overdoing and overstating our feelings. However, if we keep this in check, (tone 2) it can be helpful for entertaining new ideas and approaches related to pleasure, money, and love.
  • The Gemini Moon is lively, fun, and fickle.


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